Griffin Inn Wednesday & Thursday 2 &3 May 2018

After three hectic travelling days we spent today staying local and went to Wrexham to do our laundry and get some grocery items for the motorhome. Wednesday night at the Griffin Inn is Quiz Night so we decided to join the locals. It was one of the most entertaining nights ever. We knew a few of the questions but after roping in some locals we knew a lot more. Our team was named Aussies, Poms and Welsh and we ended up coming second through some dodgy ploys (but no ball tampering). I don’t think we have laughed so much in one night and ended up making some great friends.

After a lazy Thursday morning recovering from the night before we tried to find a campsite around York in Yorkshire for the Bank Holiday weekend. However, everything was totally booked so we asked Gary & Jo, our mates and managers of the Griffin Inn, if we could stay an extra 5 nights. They joked that we loved the place so much that we didn’t want to leave and maybe there is some truth in that. We had to move out to their field but it was perfect for us.

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