Conwy Friday 11 May 2018

We awoke to a cold, overcast, windy day, headed into Bangor to sort out our phone and internet and then drove to Conwy. From our previous experience of visiting this walled town we decided to park across the bridge, as we didn’t want to lose our side mirrors, and walk into Conwy across the road bridge. Approaching from this side is another two bridges crossing the River Conwy, the Thomas Telford’s 1826 suspension bridge and the wrought iron railway bridge, the first ever tubular bridge built in 1848.

The heritage listed Conwy Castle dominates the town. It has been very well preserved, and part of the castle wall is presently being renovated.  We entered the town wall and walked along the battlements which was built concurrently with the castle. The wall is also well preserved with many spots to stop and view the amazing landscape. Before leaving we walked across the suspension bridge with its huge steel stays and a train passed through the railway bridge which made quite a sound.

After walking back to our motorhome, we drove to Ty Bryn Farm, Brecon for the night. It was in the hills and we had to drive along a few narrow lanes on which we encountered some cars. The drivers are very thoughtful, giving way to oncoming traffic and acknowledging if you have done the same.


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