Isle of Arran, Scotland Tuesday 15 May 2018

We headed off south from our campsite towards Whiting Bay, a pretty little village. We then continued to visit the Torrylinn Creamery and Shop, opened in 1946. Here, Isle of Arran cheddar is hand-crafted by a small team of artisan cheese-makers using traditional methods passed down from generation to generation. We tasted a variety of flavoured cheese which have fantastic taste and a creamy texture and bought a mature Scottish cheddar. Yum!



Following the road, we passed through Blackwaterfoot, and a short distance later we stopped in the car park of King’s Cave. After reading the information board we headed off in an anti-clockwise direction or our 5 km hike. The circular path was good but became quite steep at one point before turning a corner to reveal the caves. We walked along the rocky shoreline to explore the caves which is said to have been a refuge of Robert the Bruce. As we headed along the path to the car park there was a break in the trees which revealed a wonderful lake/billabong. The walk took us approximately 1 and half hours and the views throughout are stunning.

We then drove to Lochranza where we saw the castle ruins. Continuing on we arrived at Lochranza Caravan, Campsite  and Golf  for our stop for the night and on the way we encountered this mother and her lamb and we had to wait for them to get off the road before we could continue. It took ages!!












  1. Thanks for sending me link. Your pictures are beautiful and it’s great fun joining you on your adventure.
    Ok, now I know the story of the cheddar cheese acquisition. What’s the story on the whiskey acquisition? Ha! Ha!
    Was so great to chat with you. Safe travels and looking forward to where we are going next.

    Liked by 1 person

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