Oban Saturday 19 May 2018

Today we headed to Easdale on Seil Island for our boat trip, so we had to cross the famous Clachan Bridge. This bridge joined Seil to the Scottish mainland over 200 years ago. It is a simple, single-arched, hump-back masonry bridge spanning the Clachan Sound.


Before we boarded the boat, we donned rain pants, jacket and a life jacket. The boat is a 10m inflatable with individual seats with a foot rest and hand hold. After receiving instructions from the skipper, we headed out to the narrow channels and saw seals, red deer, an otter, a porpoise and white-tailed sea eagles and witnessed the difference in water levels between the sea on the inside of the island chain and the sea which is the Atlantic Ocean. We then headed directly to the Gulf of Corryvreckan to witness the flow of water as it reaches peak velocity. The whirlpool is formed by the narrow strait and the strong tidal currents between the islands of Jura and Scarba. The whirlpool today was very small due to the state of the tide.  Even though the whirlpool was small we still had a great time and managed to arrive back slightly wet and dishevelled.


We returned to our £10 park at Tesco for the night and used the wifi and power from the café which is open from 7am to 11pm. What more could we ask for!

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