Fort William Friday 25 May 2018

Wow, another magnificent day of sunshine. First thing we did was to return to Neptune’s Staircase to see if we could witness both the train and road bridges opening to allow a boat to pass along the canal, we lucked out! about 10 minutes after we arrived a cruiser was due to go up the canal. The siren beeped as the cruiser came into sight, the gates across the trainline and the road went down, and the first bridge began opening. When it was almost open the siren went again and the second bridge began to open. When the two bridges were fully open the cruiser chugged through, whilst the cars on both sides of the bridge built up and waited patiently. It was an amazing sight to see.

After witnessing this spectacle, we headed off to climb the Ben Nevis Range in a gondola, the only one of its kind in Britain, built on the north face of Aonach Mor, one of the UK’s highest mountains. The view from the gondola was spectacular.

The World Cup for Mountain Bike, both downhill and cross country, is on next weekend so there are a lot of young men and women practising for this event. They catch the gondola up with their bikes attached to the back by a frame upside down by the seat, up to 3 bikes a gondola. It will be a huge event, the stands at finishing line are being set up now.88 mountain bike on back of gondola

At the top we got off and watched some of the bike riders descend the mountain trail. It is definitely not for the faint hearted, they ride at full pace going downhill, over rocks and jumps and you can actually see their bodies shudder with the vibrations. We saw one dude have a crash, it wasn’t pretty, and he had to walk his bike over 500 metres back down.


We walked along one of the tracks which overlooked the town and surrounding areas of Fort William. The views from the top are magnificent and we could actually see our campground where we stayed for the past two nights.

We returned to Oban as the weather is so nice we thought we might have a chance to complete a walking track on the island of Kerrera, so we camped at Oban Caravan and Camping Park just up the road from the ferry.


  1. It looks as though the bridge gates were opened manually?? Some poor person has the job of being there all day to wait for boats wanting to come through. Oh well, I guess there are worse jobs.

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