Oban – Kennacraig Sunday 27 May 2018

Today was a sunny but extremely windy day. After gathering groceries, we set out for Kennicraig as we were catching a ferry to Islay tomorrow at 10am. On the way we stopped at Kilmartin Glen, which has one of the biggest concentrations of prehistoric sites in Scotland. At the entrance to the site is a reconstructed Beehive Hut or Monk’s home which replicates the type of shelter used for religious and secular sites.  In the fields surrounding this village are standing stones, stone circles and a church graveyard which contains the Kilmartin Grave Slabs which are intricately carved stone slabs of the Gaelic warrior culture that dominated the West Highlands in the Middle Ages. There is another 7 in the Poltalloch Enclosure in this area. The details on these slabs is so intricate and fascinating.

After our short stop we continued to Kennacraig to our previous wild camp at Ronachan for the night.




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