Jura Thursday 31 May 2018

Today is Open Day at the Jura Distillery on the island of Jura which is adjacent to and to the north-east of Islay.  We caught the car ferry which shuttles between Port Askaig on Islay and Feolin on Jura as walk on passengers and waited in line for a shuttle bus provided by the distillery to take us along a very rough single lane road to the east coast of the island village to the distillery.01 ferry to Jura

The distillery sits overlooking the Sound of Jura and is very quaint. The open day was held in a large barn and the entry fee of £10 included 2 drinks from a variety of aged whiskies and 3 types of cocktails.  Inside the area were tables and chairs and old barrels with glass jars of honey popcorn on them as well as the bar where you exchanged your tickets for tastings. A band was playing Celtic music and people were dancing a popular jig. We both enjoyed the whisky and cocktails, especially the Spiced Apple and Ginger High Ball, and we just had to buy another bottle of whisky to add to the collection.


After looking around we caught the bus back to the ferry and returned to Port Askaig and headed to Port Charlotte to Port Mor campsite for our last night on the island.


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