Friday 8 June 2018 Inverness Saturday 9 June 2018 Inverness – Fort George

Friday 8 June 2018 Inverness

After leaving the campsite we stopped at Bikes of Inverness to organise the servicing of our new acquisitions. We were lucky they could service our bikes and they would be ready by 4pm, all going well. In the meantime, we decided to head to the shops to purchase helmets, pump, tools, lock and a few other items for the motor home. Aldi had two adult helmets left and they fitted us, bargain!

The next challenge was fitting the bikes into the back section of the motor home. We had to take the front wheels off and with a bit of juggling and a few curses we managed to get them in as well as the rest of our goods. We think we have finally bought everything we will need for our travels.

We then returned to Tesco just outside Inverness for another night of wild camping.

Saturday 9 June 2018 Inverness – Fort George

As a follow on from the Culloden Battlefield, we visited Fort George on the Ardersier headland guarding the narrows in the Moray Firth. This artillery fortification was established in 1748 in the aftermath of the Battle of Culloden, as a base for George II’s army of occupation in the Highlands and slaughter of Jacobite sympathisers. It took around 20 years to build and covers an area of 42 acres with more than a mile of ramparts. It was never attacked. We took an audio guide tour of the fort starting at the Ravelin (guardhouse and visitor centre) and walked across the bridge to the parade grounds and buildings.  Inside the fort is the Highlander’s Museum which houses the Queen’s own Highlanders Collection which has great displays and historical detail.  This 18th century artillery fortification has remained virtually unaltered and still functions as a military barracks today. The fort is huge and the view from the ramparts is magnificent. We bought a yearly membership to Historic Scotland which enables us free entry into 500 historical sites including Fort George.

Tonight, we returned to our great wild parking spot at Tesco.

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