Sunday 17 June 2018 The Isle of Skye: Dunvegan – Portree – Uig

In overcast skies we set out to Orbost to hike to the top of the Macleod Tables. As we were heading there it began to drizzle which turned into heavy rain, so regrettably we had to forgo our planned hike. Instead we headed to Portree halfway up the east coast of Skye with a pretty colourful harbour. After walking through the town, we ate at the Arriba for lunch, absolutely delicious and would highly recommend this café.

We drove the coast road to Uig and on the way we stopped at the plateau of Storr with the giant pillar of the Old Man of Storr which is a large pinnacle of rock. We walked up part of the path, but the summit was covered in clouds, so we decided the view from the top would not be worth the effort.

Further on we stopped at the dramatic landmark of Kilt Rock Cliffs, plunging down to the sea. This 90-metre rock looks strikingly similar to a pleated kilt because it is made up of basalt columns resting on a sandstone base. Nearby is Mealt Falls waterfall which is fed from nearby Mealt Loch and plummets from the top of the cliffs to the rock-laden coast below.  A very dramatic section of coastline.

Next stop was the ruins of the Macarthur’s Hereditary Pipers school built in the 18th century on the cliff top.

Further on is the Skye Museum of Island Life which consists of 7 traditional thatched crofters cottages at Kilmuir. The primary focus for the museum is to show what life was like for crofters in years gone by but unfortunately it was closed today. Behind this in the Kilmuir cemetery is a memorial to Flora Macdonald, who risked her life to save Bonnie Prince Charlie from capture by the English.

We arrived at Uig ferry terminal ready to catch the first vehicle ferry out in the morning. The coastal road is a magnificent drive through some of the best scenery of Scotland and the Outer Hebrides. At the terminal were the same couple from Sydney whom we chatted with previously. Michael and Pam are a lovely couple and are very knowledgeable in the art of travelling in a motorhome. We have gained many ideas from the conversations we have had with them. Michael is writing a blog about their travels throughout the years and the domain name is Michael & Pam

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