Belfast -Howth

Wednesday 11 July 2018

Today we watched the third State of Origin between Queensland and New South Wales at Cutters Wharf pub. It was a great game with Queensland being victorious, but unfortunately losing the series 2-1. We however, were winners as we placed our usual bet on Valentine Holmes being the first try scorer and Queensland to win and this is exactly what happened. So far Valentine Holmes has been the first try score in two out of the three matches, so we have ended up winning overall.

We then drove along the M1 to Howth, a lovely fishing village just outside of Dublin. We parked in the street opposite the yacht club and went for a walk around. Tonight, was the second semi-final, with England playing Croatia so we went to The Bloody Steam pub to watch the game. We were silently barracking for Croatia and when England scored the first goal the place became a little excited, but when Croatia scored the equaliser the place erupted which was a good sign. In extra time Croatia scored and England didn’t end up ‘bringing the cup home’ which was England’s supporters catch cry. The crowd at the pub were quite jubilant.

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