Howth – Dublin

Thursday 12 July 2018 

Today we caught a train into Dublin from Howth Station, cost €6.25 return and exited at Tara Station. We walked along the Liffey River into the centre of town to the Tourist Office on Suffolk Street. It was a very good information centre. We then headed to City Hall to see the exhibition on the history of the capital. The films give a great history of Dublin with interactive displays.

As we walked outside we saw a group of people ready to go on a free tour, so we joined them on a walking tour around Dublin for three hours. This gave us a great introduction to the main attractions with a lot of historical facts. At the end of the tour most of the sights were closing so when we return to Dublin later in our travels and we will visit the gaol, the National Museum and the Natural History Museum as we are catching up with our friends Greg and Renee tomorrow in Dingle. Some of the sights we walked passed and heard the history on our walking tour are: Dublin Castle and the gardens which has pavers in the shape of the Celtic knot which is seen from above when helicopters land on this area, Christ Church Cathedral which was once a distillery, the Temple Bar area which is full of Irish pubs playing Irish music and Molly Malone’s bronze statue which portrays the fictional fishmonger, prostitute and the star of a well-known Irish song. If you rub one of her breasts it brings you good luck, if you rub both then you are a pervert.


We then had dinner in a lovely pub and walked to the Cobblestone pub where we listened to a group of musicians playing traditional Irish music. On our way home, we walked back to the Temple Bar area, which is an area on the south bank of the River Liffey that is known for its lively nightlife and stopped in to listen to two guys playing a variety of traditional and popular music. We then caught the train back to Howth.

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