Away with the motorhome – Dieppe to Angers

03 our new motorhome

On Wednesday May 1, we picked up motorhome in Stoke-on-Trent in England and headed to the Griffin Inn in Rossett in North Wales to catch up with our friends Gary, Jo (the publicans) and Steve. We based ourselves here for a week whilst outfitting the motorhome with traveling necessities and waiting for the last extra items for the motorhome to be fitted.

On Wednesday 8 May we finally had everything in order and headed to Birmingham for two nights and then to Canterbury for another two nights ready for the Chunnel crossing to Calais early Sunday morning.

Rossett to Calais

Sunday 12 May 2019 – Calais – Dieppe

Calais to Angers

We landed in France and because we are heading to Spain our first stop over was Dieppe at the Aires overlooking the pebbled beach of the North Sea. This is a lovely place to stay as the town and restaurants are within walking distance.

01 Aires at Dieppe

Monday 13 May 2019 – Dieppe – Liseaux

Today we drove to Cave Desvoye a cidery where we previously purchased ciders and pommeau and stayed the night last year.  We purchased the same supplies and stayed the night again. It is a great little stop over and the traditional Normandy ciders in a champagne type bottle are the best!

Tuesday 14 May 2019– Liseaux – Angers

Our destination today, Angers on the Maine River at the edge of the Loire Valley. After parking in the secure Aires near the chateau we headed to the Tourist Information Centre to pay the parking for the Aires, which includes Angers City Pass for 24 hours, and then walked into the new part of the city.

Wednesday 15 May 2019 – Angers

  • Petit Train Touristique
  • Chateau D’Angers et la Tapisserie De L’Apocalypse

Petit Train Touristique

With the Angers City Pass in hand I walked to outside the chateau where the Petit Train Touristique was parked and boarded it for a 40-minute journey around the historic quarter (compliments of the Angers City Pass). It rattled along the narrow cobblestone streets with a running commentary in English, explaining the sights. It was a great way to get your bearings but very hard to take any photos.

Chateau D’Angers et la Tapisserie De L’Apocalypse

Next, I visited the 13th century fortress, Chateau D’Angers et la Tapisserie De L’Apocalypse overlooking the River Maine.

It is very impressive from the outside with an enclosure nearly half a kilometre long and 17 towers of dark slate alternating with pale limestone. After obtaining an audio guide I walked around the fortress which is absolutely stunning and listened to the history behind the many buildings and the changes which took place over the centuries.

The gardens are also spectacular, very well designed and looked after.

15 gardens in Chateau

Then I climbed the Mill Tower which once had a windmill on top for a 360-degree view of the city and walked around the ramparts.

Lastly, I visited the Apocalypse Gallery which houses the vast Apocalypse tapestry. The tapestry is the oldest surviving set of tapestries of this size (100m). It is a stunning piece of work and was commissioned in 1375 and took 7 years to make. It is made entirely of wool and originally comprised six tapestries measuring 6 metres high and 23 metres long. Each piece starts with a major figure followed by two rows of seven scenes. The tapestry is an illustration of the Apocalypse according to St John or the “Book of Revelation”, the last text in the New Testament. The text recounts the prophetic visions of St John and the struggle between Good and Evil and the Hundred Years War, famine and plague. Without the audio guide I would never have been able to interpret the tapestry. It is a brilliant piece of artwork especially for the time it was produced. The visit took 3 hours but was worth every minute.

We then left Angers to drive 3 hours to La Rochelle where we camped the night at a park and ride close to the aquarium. The area set aside for motorhomes is a grassed area with all amenities for filling and emptying. Tonight, there was 20 motorhomes parked here.



  1. Terrific the fortress that you saw. That part of France has amazing history. The tapestries are just so incredible. Love your travels. Let us know how the Bordeaux Wine Museum is? Couldn’t get to see it as it was Christmas, although got to the outside.
    The van has some great windows at the front to see full views. The train reminded us of Luxembourg as it also traverses the cobblestones.


  2. I’m all signed up! I stayed I’m Angers on my trip last year and then rode down to La Rochelle. Enjoyed both places and their history.


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