The Cruise – Korcula, Croatia

Korcula, Croatia

  • St Mark’s Cathedral
  • Land Gate01 Korcula


Our next port of call Korcula, a coastal citadel with narrow stone streets rich in Renaissance and Gothic architecture. The streets are set out in a fishbone layout; western streets are straight in order to allow the summer winds to blow through and streets on the east are slightly curved to minimise the force of the cold north-easterly winter wind. We circumnavigated the town through the winding streets which are linked by stone steps (lots of them).05 Korcula

St Mark’s Cathedral a 15th century cathedral in the heart of Korcula built from Korcula limestone in a Gothic-Renaissance style. Above the entrance on either side are the naked squatting figures of Adam and Eve.06 St Mark's Cathedral

We climbed the tight small winding staircase.

The view from the top offers a 360-degree perspective of the Old City but the climb is challenging. Looking over the terracotta rooftops, we could see Old Town in its entirety and the surrounding harbor, the bay and islands and a compact expansive cluster of red-roofed houses. As we were about to descend the bells rang out which were quite defining.

Land Gate at the south end of the Old Town is covered by a triumphal arch and above is the Revelin tower04 Land Gate

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